Templates and Tools on GitHub


We’ve recently set up a GitHub Wiki for sharing tools and resources related to project management, meta data, and District Health Information System (DHIS2). For those of you who might not be familiar with DHIS2, it is an open source data warehouse with a reporting engine, developed by the University of Oslo, and it has been in use for over 20 years in international development projects.

Recent additions include:

  • Contract template
    • This contract template is used to guide our work with NGOs in the United States and Canada, however it is generic enough for many other applications. To facilitate the sharing of tools and templates, we include a Proprietary Rights section in all of our contracts.
  • DHIS2 Online Learning Notebook
    • We developed a OneNote notebook that will guide you through implementing and managing a customized DHIS2 instance. Our course curriculum is adapted from training materials from Level 1, and Level 2 of the DHIS2 Academy workshops.
  • DHIS2 Data Import Tool
    • This DHIS2 application enables the importing of data from excel spreadsheets. The version of the tool was developed by HISP Uganda, and the source code can be customized for your own project configuration.

Visit our GitHub wiki – and check back soon, as we’ll be posting resources often.


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