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SIS features all the tools and resources nonprofits need to design and manage evaluations. We make it easy to build an evaluation plan, collect and analyze data, and produce reports.

Curious about the workflow? Our platform guides you through an efficient collaborative process, from planning your project to creating the final report. 

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Welcome OCASI members!

We built SIS with funding from the Ontario government, in partnership with the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI). In celebration of our partnership, OCASI members receive a limited-time offer on their first subscription. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to get started?

SIS offers powerful features built for nonprofits:

Expert-designed tools

Our tools help new evaluators work like experts.

Intuitive workflow 

Our fully-integrated platform guides your team through the evaluation process.

Standardized measures

We build our surveys using validated indicators, so measurement is consistent across different organizations and sectors.

Powerful analysis and reporting 

Our easy-to-read charts and graphs help your team demonstrate program impact.

Help when you need it

Our expert-led training builds your team’s evaluation capacity. Or skip the training and get support as you need it.

Security from start to finish

We’ve integrated security and privacy protections into every part of SIS. Data is stored in our secure data warehouse, on Canadian servers. Our system is compliant with PIPEDA, GDPR, and other security regulations.

Get your evaluation platform up and running in a few quick steps.

1. Consultation

We learn about your organization and your evaluation needs. We suggest a pricing package that will work for your team.

2. Configuration

We prepare your custom evaluation platform, featuring the tools and resources you need to measure program impact.

3. Orientation

We provide customized training and support, so that your team can get to work fast.

4. Implementation

You’re off to the races! Log in to your new SIS platform to plan, run, and manage your evaluations. 

Choose a package that fits your budget. Or contact us for a custom solution.

How it works

Program Evaluation

Single evaluation project
$ 50
  • Fully-integrated evaluation workspace
  • Standard evaluation planning tools, data collection tools, and analytics
  • Additional consultation $70/h

Annual Commitment. Priced in USD.

Organization Hub

Evaluation hub with up to three projects
$ 200
  • Evaluation hub site with up to 3 fully-integrated evaluation workspaces
  • Standard evaluation planning tools, data collection tools, and analytics
  • Additional consultation $70/h

Annual Commitment. Priced in USD.

Guided Evaluation

Evaluation hub plus full training and support
$ 800
  • Evaluation hub site with 3 or more fully-integrated evaluation workspaces
  • Customized evaluation planning tools, data collection tools and analytics
  • Full training and support

Annual Commitment. Priced in USD.

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