Board of Directors

Photograph of David Gotlib

David Gotlib M.D., FRCP(C), Director

David Gotlib is a general and child psychiatrist, and software developer. He began his professional life with a degree in Computer Science and worked as a data network engineer (pre-Internet!), then became (in order) a family doctor, GP psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist + software developer.

David has a passion for delivering mental health services to those in need (particularly in under-resources regions). He is the originator of the open-source KoNote software package — a Client Information System with a unique user interface that integrates narrative and quantitative information in the service of both front-line workers and administrators.

Photograph of Gillian Kerr

Gillian Kerr, Ph.D., C.Psych., President Emeritus

Dr. Gillian Kerr is a Canadian psychologist who consults with organizations, mostly nonprofits and the public sector, to improve their effectiveness. Most of her projects relate to policy analysis, evaluation, process improvement, performance measurement and the use of knowledge and information. Gillian has assisted dozens of organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors to develop evaluation frameworks, logic models and/or performance monitoring systems. She was Vice President of United Way of Greater Toronto, and a member of the United Way of America Outcome Measurement Task Force that created the influential evaluation measurement toolkit used worldwide since 1999. She uses methodologies based on human service evaluation and policy analysis, integrating them with process improvement and systems perspectives.

Among her clients are Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, Human Resources Development Canada, Industry Canada, Yahoo Canada, Bell Canada, Microsoft Canada, the Canadian Hearing Society, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Gillian managed several projects in Qatar, an Arab nation in the Middle East, including the development of a National Vision initiative that continues to guide Qatar’s long-term development strategy, and a performance measurement framework for the national statistical authority

Areas of Expertise: program evaluation, performance measurement, policy analysis, work flow creation, process analysis, program design, stakeholder consultation

Photograph of Martha McGuire

Martha McGuire, M.S.W., CE, President

Martha McGuire has worked across a number of sectors and is known for her ability with multi-disciplinary and complex projects. She combines this with experience with organizational and program development, including strategic and operational planning. She has worked with a variety of populations including the homeless, First Nations and other Aboriginal communities, children, older adults and people with disabilities. As well, she has worked in a number of disciplines including health, social services, employment, economic development and green energy. This combination has supported the successes she has achieved in facilitating positive change in programs, organizations and systems. She has worked with private sector, government and voluntary sector organizations.

Martha has a keen interest in the development of the field of evaluation. Through her work on the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Core Body of Knowledge project with Rochelle Zorzi and Burt Perrin, she has contributed to a better understanding of the value of evaluation and what is needed to conduct credible and useful evaluations. She has also been involved with the development of the CES Professional Designation Program. She is a past board member and past-chair of the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society and is also the past-president of the CES National Council. She represents CES on the board of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation and is on the Management Group Executive for EvalPartners. She received the CES 2009 Award for Contribution to Theory and Practice of Evaluation in Canada. Martha teaches Effectiveness and Accountability through Evaluation at Ryerson University.
Martha McGuire was awarded a Fellowship from the Canadian Evaluation Society in May, 2019.

Photograph of Dorothy Nyambi

Dorothy Nyambi M.D., Director

Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President & CEO, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), is a social entrepreneur and international development practioner with 20+ years experience. Prior to joining MEDA, she served as the Executive VP for the AIMS-NEI global network and led a global consulting firm based in Canada for four years servings as its Executive Director. She is also a senior evaluator with LogicalOutcomes, leading on social science and development projects. With a global health and medical background, she has worked for the government of Cameroon, the U.S. Peace Corps, USAID, CARE, PSI, Right To Play International, CESO, and AIMS NEI amongst others. She has developed and managed major projects (bilateral and responsive) in the health, education, livelihoods, agribusiness, and infrastructure sectors for government donors and foundations. Her geographic experience spans North America, Central & Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, SE Asia and the Pacific. A strong proponent and champion for metrics, results and evidence, she is a member of the Canadian, American and African evaluation societies. She serves as a volunteer with UNICEF Canada, board director with the Kigali Collaborative Research Centre hosted by CMU-Africa, Member at The Boardroom Africa and advisor with the Lancet Women.

Elizabeth Allen Rankin, Treasurer

Elizabeth has a keen interest in helping organizations achieve excellence through strategic use of evaluation software. She is a retired chartered accountant/chartered public accountant, with more than 25 years of involvement in various disciplines (financial, health, manufacturing), including as the principal of a practice, consultant, and senior manager of a global consulting firm. Elizabeth brings almost ten years as a director and treasurer on non-profit boards (national and local) in volunteer capacity.

Neil Price, Director

Neil was the Executive Director of LogicalOutcomes from June 2014 – March 2016. He is currently the Associate Dean, Faculty of Social and Community Services Humber College where he was previously the Director, Student Life. Other experience includes a Board member of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, Senior Manager, Education programs at Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, professor at George Brown College, contributing writer to NOW magazine and Senior Manager with Youth Education Programs.

Salima Shariff, Director

Salima Shariff is a mixed-methods researcher with experience leading research projects in the health, social, and technology sectors. Throughout her educational and professional careers, she has led projects across sectors that aim to address issues related to equity, quality of service delivery, and end user engagement. Salima is currently a Design Researcher at Royal Bank of Canada, she has focused on using design thinking to enable systems-based change while embedded in cross-functional teams. Over the last few years she has led national research projects, designed and implemented evaluations for complex interventions at the national and regional scales, and designed tools and approaches that have contributed to the advancement of innovative research and evaluation methodologies. Salima Shariff contributed to projects with Prosper Canada on the client side, and also as a LogicalOutcomes consultant in 2018-19. Salima received an MSc in Social Intervention and Evaluation from the University of Oxford and a BSc(H) in Psychology from Queen’s University, where she developed her passion for designing interventions that intentionally keep the user at the center.

Profile Picture of Steven Uggowitzer

Steven Uggowitzer, Director

Steven has over twenty years experience in engineering internet technology, information and management systems; and over 15 years of international experience in public health and global health related information systems, deploying mission critical tools in large enterprise environments; and ICT support to health technical programmes at global, regional and country level. Steven is currently focused on interoperability and systems architectures based around DHIS2.

Photograph of Sara Gaudon

Sara Gaudon, Executive Director

Sara brings over ten years of project management experience to her consulting work with LogicalOutcomes, including three years immersed in District Health Information System (DHIS2). Sara coordinates teams from around the globe to assess organizational requirements, provide online training and coaching, support configuration and hosting, test data collection, and create reports and dashboards. In less than a year under Sara’s leadership, LogicalOutcomes has implemented five ‘Quick Starts’ for international NGOs, reaching field teams in Canada, Africa and Asia.

Sara has a background in project management and a degree in International Development. As Executive Director of LogicalOutcomes, Sara oversees business administration, supports the recruitment and on-boarding of new consultants, leads online marketing, and process improvement.

Areas of Expertise: project management, DHIS2 implementations, organizational leadership, bookkeeping, training and public speaking, online media

Consultants and Advisors

Photography of Georgi Chakarov

Georgi Chakarov, CIA

Georgi is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Based in Bulgaria, Georgi brings years of professional experience as an internal and financial auditor, working with European companies across industries (manufacturing, retail, energy, transportation, services, construction, IT), making recommendations to eliminate violations and deficiencies.

As a consultant to LogicalOutcomes, Georgi works on DHIS2 ‘quick start’ projects, contributing to capturing requirements, system configuration, project management, and as a trainer and coach. He is also taking a lead role with Dr. Kerr in methods to identify valid indicators, describing metadata, and developing an open source metadata registry. With his internal auditing skill, Georgi led the development of data security policies and processes used by LogicalOutcomes. Areas of expertise: DHIS2, financial auditing, internal auditing, risk assessment, data security, program review

Clouds on Mars

Clouds On Mars has passion and experience in the field of data visualization, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning built on Microsoft technologies. They provide services to companies and non-profit organizations from the United States, Europe and Asia with speed and unparalleled business, analytical, technical and visual quality. They work with the leaders of the Fortune 500 CPG list, global financial companies and technological leaders in advanced analytics, with clients located across the globe. In both off-site and on-site setups, Clouds On Mars solutions are used by Sales, Legal, HR, Market Research, Finance and Marketing divisions within a client’s organization, solving problems using data science, Power BI, Flow and Power Apps. Clouds On Mars combines modern IT solutions and business experience creating new opportunities to solve human problems and change the way organizations operate and grow. Clouds on Mars is passionate about transforming the world with IT.

Photograph of Brian Cugelman

Brian Cugleman, Ph.D.

Contact: brian[@]

Since 1997, Brian has built an extensive career in social mobilization, digital engagement, and program evaluation. Brian obtained his Ph.D. in Online Social Marketing with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, a world-leading Internet research team. He obtained his Masters in Business and Computers. He is published in JMIR, the world’s top e-health journal. The United Nations General Assembly has recognized the impact of his digital campaigning work. He has been invited to act as an expert advisor for the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the annual International Conference on Persuasive Technology. Even the Pentagon invited Brian to present his research on persuasive design to the Cyber Influence Project.

Areas of Expertise: program evaluation, online research, analytics, statistical research, scientific-grade research, digital marketing, persuasive technology, online technology

Photograph of Sophie Llewelyn

Sophie Llewelyn, M.Sc.

Contact: sophie.llewelyn[@]

Sophie Llewelyn is a qualitative researcher with experience conducting ethnographic and interview-based research, both in rural India and Ontario. Her research to date has used an intersectional lens to explore men and women's livelihoods and experiences in the context of rapid rural change. At LogicalOutcomes, Sophie works on the SIS user experience, manages evaluation projects with SIS client agencies, and leads SIS proposal writing. Her areas of competency include managing research and evaluation projects, producing reviews of literature, designing and conducting qualitative research, facilitating training in research and evaluation, and grant writing. Sophie has an M.Sc. in Capacity Development and Extension from the University of Guelph. She did additional graduate work in McGill University's Anthropology program, where she held a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship.

Photograph of Kristiyan Panayotov

Kristiyan Panayotov, Ph.D. candidate

Contact: Kristiyan[@]

Kristiyan is an Environmental scientist who holds a M.Sc. degree from the University of Copenhagen (KU) and is currently working on his PhD. His professional experience includes GIS services, laboratory analyses/experiments, EU law and policy implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system configuration and data modelling.

Kristiyan has been consulting for LogicalOutcomes for over two years and his work is closely related to DHIS2 implementation. His responsibilities include capturing requirements, system configuration, GIS services, report and analyses and training. In order to build a DHIS2 system, Kristiyan is working within international teams which are based in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Areas of expertise: Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Sustainable Development, DHIS2 Implementation, Environmental Planning, Climate Change, Biochemistry

Photograph of Nicholas Santillo

Nicholas Santillo

Contact: nicholas[@]

Nicholas is an educator, performer, producer and project manager who has worked in the creative, academic and non-profit sectors for over eight years. He specializes in using storytelling to facilitate learning, especially across diverse cultures and backgrounds. In this capacity Nicholas has taught and lectured on theatre and traditional Beijing Opera at Concordia University and produced several instructional video series and podcasts.

In the non-profit sector Nicholas is developing and managing the online DHIS2 curriculum for LogicalOutcomes. He produces video content to enhance and support interactive online learning sessions, and facilitates the development of evaluation frameworks that can be implemented within the District Health Information Software (DHIS2).

Kamal Sharma


A result oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in developing data-based solutions for improving efficiency in manufacturing operations. Kamal has instilled Data Based Culture in the organizations by developing analytics models for inventory management, production cost reduction, OEE.

Kamal is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (BI Reporting) and Microsoft Certified Professional for Power BI with 3 years of experience in developing and applying Power BI. solutions in manufacturing environment. Kamal has successfully implemented quality standards and various Lean Six Sigma techniques for improving plant operations and attained significant cost savings.

Anushka Silva, CISA®, CISM®, CRISC®, PMP®, Msc – Project Management

Contact: anushka.silva[@]

Anushka is a dedicated and dynamic information technology professional with over 16 years of progressive experience in technical and senior management roles in multinational organizations within insurance and finance industries. Adept at managing and transforming information technology function for delivering value by strategic alignment, process improvements and IT expense management. Anushka is an award winning team leader with innovative technology implementations, infrastructure management, project management and information security skills in heterogeneous operating environments.

As a consultant to LogicalOutcomes, here brings excellent negotiation, presentation, decision making and analytical skills, supported by internationally recognized academic and professional qualifications. Since 2018, Anushka is LogicalOutcomes' Data Protection Officer.

Bhavyesh Variya

Contact: bhavyesh.variya[@]

Experienced Sharepoint consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Office 365 and SharePoint consulting, Workflows and Azure cloud based application development. Strong engineering professional with Information Technology degree and a knack for technology and leadership.

Areas of Expertise: Web Content Management, Custom WebApp Development, Cloud Centric Application Development

Kwame Yankson, Ph.D.


Kwame is an analyst, consultant, and researcher with over 10 years of experience in educational, insurance, banking and non-profit institutions. These include HSBC, Insurance Services Office, and the Wallace Foundation. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where his research involved studying ways that learners and teachers can be empowered to develop agency and expertise. His research has included projects funded by the National Science Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation. Kwame has also published in JRME, the leading academic research journal for mathematics education. As a consultant to LogicalOutcomes, Kwame is involved in SIS: Service Information System.

Photograph of Christine Yip

Christine Yip

Contact: christine.yip[@]

Christine is a seasoned project manager and an organizational effectiveness practitioner, with a keen interest and passion for applying her skills to improve the social conditions of communities at home and abroad. She has almost 10 years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating interventions aimed at improving individual and organizational outcomes. She has held management positions at Accenture and KPMG’s management consulting practices and has worked as a social policy researcher for two think tanks, the Mowat Centre out of University of Toronto and The Centre for Analysis and Social Exclusion (CASE) out of the London School of Economics. Christine holds a Masters of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Guelph and a Masters of Science in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics.

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