Enhanced Security with nCryptedCloud

We often work with personal and confidential data that is protected under Canadian privacy legislation (PIPEDA). We’ve designed a data security policy and processes that ensure proper management of confidential information at every stage, from data collection to analysis to archiving. 

Data security is complicated, but we have a legal and ethical responsibility to get it ri​ght. 

One tool that supports projects that handle personal information is nCrypted Cloud’s Extended Enterprise Collaboration Platform*.

nCrypted Cloud LogoWith a user-friendly interface, nCryptedCloud encrypts information stored on common cloud storage platforms (like Dropbox or OneDrive), with a ‘zero-knowledge’ password protection policy.

nCryptedCloud is free to try; if your organization is interested in purchasing the corporate version, mention ‘LogicalOutcomes’ for a 20% discount.

*LogicalOutcomes does not receive any financial compensation from nCryptedCloud for this suggestion.