District Health Information System (DHIS2): It’s not just for health!

Hire LogicalOutcomes experts to virtually set up and train your team.

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DHIS2 is the world’s most widely used health management information system. But there’s no reason to limit its use to health. Increasingly, non-profits, NGOs and charities are taking advantage of DHIS2’s flexible interface to track interventions in areas as diverse as sustainable agriculture and food security, environmental conservation, education and community development.

Built by the University of Oslo, DHIS2 offers all the functionality of the best proprietary monitoring and evaluation platforms, for a fraction of the price. A powerful open source data management system, it combines a secure data warehouse with individual client and event tracking, customizable data entry forms, and sophisticated mapping and data visualizations.

DHIS2 is designed to aggregate data gathered from multiple locations, including remote locations in low-resource settings. Because it was built to track health information at a national scale, it’s powerful enough to support thousands of users tracking millions of events.


  • Bring your data to life with easy-to-use pivot tables, sophisticated data visualizations and maps.
  • The new Android App supports offline data capture by users in remote settings.
  • Intuitive user interface allows authorized users to edit forms, data sets, indicators and report templates.
  • Permissions model allows you to assign users to specific tools and sites.
  • A robust API supports data exchange with other systems.

We help organizations configure and maintain DHIS2 data management systems.

In addition to set-up, we’ll provide training to get your team comfortable with the system, quickly. We work virtually, and promote online approaches to requirements gathering, configuration and training where possible.

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Our team includes DHIS2 experts from across the globe, working together with a tight knit group of analysts, trainers, and project managers. In addition, we enjoy close working relationships with DHIS2 developers and implementers at HISP Uganda, HISP Geneva, and the University of Oslo. We draw from this network to problem solve with the most experienced implementers from around the world.

Our DHIS2 Services

Requirements Assessment

Are you ready for DHIS2? We will assess your system requirements, including human resources (the most important factor), metadata (indicators and data collection tools), workflows, system user needs, historical data, data exchange needs, desired reports, technical architecture and hosting.

Metadata configuration

We provide coaching on metadata standards for DHIS2. We will turn your indicators and measures into data collection tools and report templates.


We design testing processes, and guide your team to review and give feedback on key elements. Then, we’ll make the changes. Testing may include virtual internal testing, User Acceptance Testing, and pilot testing.


We provide virtual training in system administration, data entry, analysis and reporting. Our approach relies on creating custom videos (using your DHIS2 instance), training slide decks, and a process to set up managers and users, from training to implementation.

Integrations and maintenance

Work with our experts to integrate DHIS2 with other software (like CommCare or SalesForce), facilitate historical data migration, and provide ongoing support after launch.

Secure hosting

We rely on cloud hosting to provide efficient and reliable access for DHIS2 Users. We’ll set up a cloud hosting arrangement with reputable DHIS2 vendors. We can provide GDPR compliant DHIS2 hosting, working with BAO Systems.* Talk to us about custom hosting configurations.
*LogicalOutcomes does not receive monetary contributions for making this recommendation.

We offer competitive pricing on our virtual DHIS2 services.

Through webinars, conferences and online training videos, we actively promote the widespread use of DHIS2 as an M&E system. We do this by supporting NGOs to set up their systems, and by enabling them to manage their own implementations independently over time. We’ve supported more than a dozen DHIS2 implementations for non profit organizations since 2015.

What our clients think

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The LogicalOutcomes team are responsive, adaptable experts, and highly dependable. It is a great pleasure working with them.​

Clarissa Teixeira

Care Canada

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LogicalOutcomes is well-versed in DHIS2 configuration, and did an outstanding job co-building our instance... They offer high-quality, client-tailored services at a reasonable price.​

Patrick Gallagher

Nascent Solutions

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Easy to work with, great technical staff and project management. They do what they promise with a minimum of fuss.

Craig Leisher

The Nature Conservancy

There are many challenges and risks to implementing a new M&E system.

Most go over schedule, over budget, or don’t delivery what they promised. Organization-wide data aggregation requires sophisticated metadata models and management; most organizations do not have this expertise. Non-profits move quickly to software implementation, and often get paralyzed (Read more here).

We can help.


  • Learn about the underlying technology, visit the DHIS2 website

  • Interact with the community of developers and implementers at the new DHIS2 Community of Practice

  • Find out what’s coming on the DHIS2 Roadmap: JIRA

  • We partner with Humentum to co-host DHIS24iNGOs’ webinar series, delivering bi-monthly case studies and practical guidance for the DHIS2 community worldwide.

  • We continue to update and share DHIS2 learning resources on our GitHub wiki, including the DHIS2 FAQ

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