DHIS2: It’s Not Just About the Software

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NPOKI Connecting the DotsOn September 10, Martha McGuire & Dr. Gillian Kerr led a webinar on DHIS2 for nonprofits – a special thanks to NPOKI for hosting this online event.

Monitoring and evaluation systems often fail: they go wildly over budget, or over schedule, or don’t deliver what they promised, or all three. Yet funders expect nonprofits – even small ones – to evaluate their programs as though it’s a simple task. Why are M&E systems so difficult to implement? And how can we make them less expensive and more useful?

LogicalOutcomes, a Canadian non-profit organization that provides evaluation and consulting to support collective impact, was recently tasked with identifying software that might have a decent chance of success for a large NGO. They carried out interviews with over a dozen international NGOs, reviewed the literature on performance management, and compared about 30 software programs.

In this webinar, we’ll share findings:

  • What nonprofits want from monitoring and evaluation software, and why they don’t usually get it.
  • Why DHIS2 may be the best choice for the nonprofit sector.
  • How DHIS2 can be used to build a common evaluation platform for nonprofit services.

Watch the Webinar