Enhanced Security with nCryptedCloud

We often work with personal and confidential data that is protected under Canadian privacy legislation (PIPEDA). We’ve designed a data security policy and processes that ensure proper management of confidential information at every stage, from data collection to analysis to archiving. 

Data security is complicated, but we have a legal and ethical responsibility to get it ri​ght. 

One tool that supports projects that handle personal information is nCrypted Cloud’s Extended Enterprise Collaboration Platform*.

nCrypted Cloud LogoWith a user-friendly interface, nCryptedCloud encrypts information stored on common cloud storage platforms (like Dropbox or OneDrive), with a ‘zero-knowledge’ password protection policy.

nCryptedCloud is free to try; if your organization is interested in purchasing the corporate version, mention ‘LogicalOutcomes’ for a 20% discount.

*LogicalOutcomes does not receive any financial compensation from nCryptedCloud for this suggestion. 

How to Set up nCrypted Cloud

To ensure that personal information remains secure, we use nCryptedCloud*. It’s free (for a basic account), user-friendly, and integrates nicely with popular cloud storage like Dropbox and OneDrive for Business.

As a Canadian organization, we have responsibility under PIPEDA to ensure that any personal information we collect remains secure. nCryptedCloud allows us to use Microsoft Office365 to manage projects, knowing that any personal information will not be exposed to servers based in the Unites States. Read more on our data security policy and contact us with your questions. 

Watch this video to learn how to set up your nCryptedCloud account. Screencast Thumbnail nCryptedCloud

*LogicalOutcomes does not receive any financial compensation from nCryptedCloud for this suggestion.